Is the Housing Market Correcting?

If you’re following the news, all of the headlines about conditions in the current housing market may leave you with more questions than answers. Is the boom over? Is the market crashing or correcting? Here’s what you need to know. The housing market is moderating compared to the last two years, but what everyone needs to remember is that […]

Want Top Dollar for Your House? Now’s the Time To List It.

When you’re selling any item, you usually want to sell it for the greatest profit possible. That happens when there’s a strong demand and a limited supply for that item. In the real estate market, that time is right now. If you’re thinking of selling your house this year, here are two reasons why now’s […]

How to Prepare your Home for Winter

  Remember last year when you were outside in below freezing temps with sleet splattering your eyes while winterizing your home? Or worse, your sprinkler system burst from frozen lines because you neglected to purge the system before freezing weather set in?  You are not alone in this struggle!  This year check off the boxes on this ‘Winter Home Checklist” before temps drop.  Then enjoy the snowfall while relaxing beside your “recently […]